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Account Trouble?

Current Students: If you have activated your Syracuse University Net ID, be sure you log in using your Net ID.

Applicant email accounts are not valid once ESF has received your Net ID from SU (this takes a few days to complete), or after your first semester begins.

Student Log In Error? If you are a current student, make sure you've started using your Net Id to log in. Applicant accounts are no longer valid for current students.

Alumni: MyESF is for current students. If you need your student records, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Password Trouble?

Your password is not kept in sync with your Syracuse University password automatically. Default password information is below, or you can reset your password here.

Until you change it, the default ESF password for a Net ID login is the last 5 digits of your SU ID# followed by an exclamation “!”.
Example: for SU ID #123456789, your default password is 56789!

Still Need Help?

If you have other log in problems contact the Help Desk in 317 Baker Lab at (315)470-6861 (email at

If you have any problems with the operation of this portal, please copy and paste the error message into an email to Information Systems at

Welcome to MyESF!

NOTE: Enrolled students log in using their NET ID once they have activated their Syracuse University email address:
NET ID = the portion before the "@" in
Otherwise, use a personal email address, as discussed below.

Is this is your first visit to MyESF?

Undergraduate Applicants: use this link to enter your Confirmation Code to get temporary access to MyESF using your personal email address

Accepted Graduate Applicants: use your personal email address (applicant email) as your inital user id and your date of birth with an exclamation mark (mmddyyyy!) as your initial ESF password. Contact the Graduate Office with other questions.

Parents, Guardians and Spouses: use this link to get MyESF access using your personal email once the student files a FERPA waiver.

SU or other Visiting Student?

End-of-Course Surveys are available for Syracuse University students taking ESF Classes and for ESF Visiting Students

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